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Critical Kits and How We Use Them book and Critical Kits Trumps card game.

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Get the Critical Kits and How We Use Them book and Critical Kits card game together for the bargain price of £25.


Critical Kit Trumps | Card game

Who made the ultimate kits, artists or makers? YOU decide as you and your friends battle out kit vs kit. The pack includes 24 cards featuring kits made by artists and makers and an inlay card which gives the rules of the game and a brief history of the kitification of the art object.


Critical Kits and How We Use Them |Book

This book is about DIY culture and how it meets participatory, inclusive and community-based forms of creative practice. Critical kits are toolboxes, resources, instructions for how to make great, or simply interesting, things happen with technology. But they also ask that we question why, and to be aware of the network of effects technologies participate in. It is designed to be useful for artists, makers, students of art-tech work, and anyone interested in current participatory and technology practices.